Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Other Craft Interest

Hi!! It's Yuichi again!

So... after a while... no... after quite sometimes, I finally got my lazy self to start this blog. Beside, my best friend Mia keeps on telling me to start posting over and over again -_____-;;

The reason why I made this blog is because I found other craft interest than paper crafts, and I don't want to mix the post with my papercraft projects. It's not like I will stop to work on paper craft projects. I even already planned my next paper craft project once I've finished all of my other craft projects  ^^

So... about te other craft, I found myself addicted to make Amigurumi. It's a Japanese term for crochet stuffed toys. I have learnt to crochet since I was at around 4th grade at elementary school, and I was only made very simple crochet stuffs back then. And I was also helping mom to make some parts of a dog shaped tissue box cover. But still I had a hard time at first when I start to work on an amigurumi because I didn't know how to read the pattern symbol. But when I finally got a hang on it, I just couldn't stop! I am crocheting like crazy! XD

 I won't post the amigurumi patterns here. But if anyone interested to make one like I made, you can freely ask for the pattern and leave the e-mail address at the comment section. And for the patterns which I got form a website, I will put the link at the post ^^

Oh by the way, I might also post pompom dolls and felt stuffed toys that I made here. I won't make them pretty often so I decide to post them here so I don't need to maintain a lot of journal.

So... Thank you for visiting here and have fun!  (^o^)/