Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amigurumi # 11 : Himawari The Lion

I've been wanting to make this creature since the first time I got the pattern. But I need to learn to make loop stictch first for its hair so the making was kind of halted...uunnnggg

Its hair really look alike my bed hair.. weep

I named it Himawari because when The head part was done and still without the face, most of the people... no, maybe all of them thought that it's a sunflower sweat
Then I thought that Himawari will be a perfect name for it because Himawari is the Japanese word ffor sunflower

Btw, I took the pattern from the book Handmade Knit Amigurumi

Amigurumi # 09 : Fimo The Rabbit

I made this in hurry because I want to give it to my aunt before she left. At first I was confused what creature should I made for her. Since it was around easter, I decided to make her a rabbit :

I got the pattern from the book with title Chiisana Kawaii Amigurumi To Komono

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Amigurumi # 08 : Kairyuu The Adorable Dragon

I made this for my mom because she was born in the dragon year. I found the pattern here, and decided that I want to make it for mom from the 1st time I saw it. This creature's just too adorable to resist!! love

Look at its fang! I think it's one of its charm. The creator really knows how to create a super cute and adorable dragon... love

Monday, April 16, 2012

Amigurumi # 06 : Rakkun The Blue Beaver and PomPom 03 : Ruka The White and Blue Dolphin

I made these creature to be a sweet seventeenth birthday present for my niece. Her favorite color is blue so I decided to make her present all in blue as the main color. I even attached a blue mini birthday card and enclosed them all in a baby blue plastic gift bag    smile

I got the amigurumi pattern from the book Amigurumi Collection 7

The other creature I gave her is a dolphin pompom doll :

Amigurumi # 07 : Nero the Labrador Retriever

Actually this was a model for my 1st attemp to make amigurumi from the book Ami Ami Dogs by Hoshi Mitsuki. I had a hard time doing it because I don't know how to read the pattern and also I don't have any idea which side of the crochet would be the outer side. So I made a fatal mistake... I made it reversed! sweat
Then I gave up the model because I was too stressed to see the pattern. Since I've already understood the pattern, I decided to make another model.

 But I still have the feeling that I have to accomplish this creature because I was started to make it. So I got it done this time smile