Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amigurumi # 11 : Himawari The Lion

I've been wanting to make this creature since the first time I got the pattern. But I need to learn to make loop stictch first for its hair so the making was kind of halted...uunnnggg

Its hair really look alike my bed hair.. weep

I named it Himawari because when The head part was done and still without the face, most of the people... no, maybe all of them thought that it's a sunflower sweat
Then I thought that Himawari will be a perfect name for it because Himawari is the Japanese word ffor sunflower

Btw, I took the pattern from the book Handmade Knit Amigurumi

Amigurumi # 09 : Fimo The Rabbit

I made this in hurry because I want to give it to my aunt before she left. At first I was confused what creature should I made for her. Since it was around easter, I decided to make her a rabbit :

I got the pattern from the book with title Chiisana Kawaii Amigurumi To Komono

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Amigurumi # 08 : Kairyuu The Adorable Dragon

I made this for my mom because she was born in the dragon year. I found the pattern here, and decided that I want to make it for mom from the 1st time I saw it. This creature's just too adorable to resist!! love

Look at its fang! I think it's one of its charm. The creator really knows how to create a super cute and adorable dragon... love

Monday, April 16, 2012

Amigurumi # 06 : Rakkun The Blue Beaver and PomPom 03 : Ruka The White and Blue Dolphin

I made these creature to be a sweet seventeenth birthday present for my niece. Her favorite color is blue so I decided to make her present all in blue as the main color. I even attached a blue mini birthday card and enclosed them all in a baby blue plastic gift bag    smile

I got the amigurumi pattern from the book Amigurumi Collection 7

The other creature I gave her is a dolphin pompom doll :

Amigurumi # 07 : Nero the Labrador Retriever

Actually this was a model for my 1st attemp to make amigurumi from the book Ami Ami Dogs by Hoshi Mitsuki. I had a hard time doing it because I don't know how to read the pattern and also I don't have any idea which side of the crochet would be the outer side. So I made a fatal mistake... I made it reversed! sweat
Then I gave up the model because I was too stressed to see the pattern. Since I've already understood the pattern, I decided to make another model.

 But I still have the feeling that I have to accomplish this creature because I was started to make it. So I got it done this time smile


Amigurumi # 05 : Piero The Blue Cat

I made this creature to be a hanging ornament for one of my bag. I took the pattern also from the book Amigurumi Cat and Friends by Hoshi Mitsuki. This time I used blue and white double plies cotton yarn to match the bag's color fufufu 

 Those cute little pink paws were made with french knots which I still haven't done it well uunnnggg. But I think they look pretty fine for a beginner... fufufu

Amigurumi # 04 : Oink the Purple Mini Pig

Another creature from Amigurumi Cat and Friend by Hoshi Mitsuki. I found it pretty difficult to make the nose part. I finally did it after 3rd try weep

Friday, April 13, 2012

PomPom # 02 : Animal Shaped PomPom

This is another batch of this year's Valentine's presents. I made them with the help of The Small PomPom Maker by Clover, The Yellow one :

If only I could find better yarns for this kind of project, I think I'll make a lot more variation of animals...  ggrrr..

PomPom # 01 : Heart Shaped PomPom Variations

This is actually one of my Valentine Day's presents for my colleagues at work and also my nieces. I was ordered the PomPom makers and decided that I will make PomPom key holders for those people. I made these with the help of Small Heart Shaped PomPom Maker by Clover :

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Look

Yeah I know I've only launched this journal for a few days so it's kind of weird if I've already changed the layout.
It's not like I have already bored with the 1st one. It's just that the 1st layout couldn't work well in the latest version of Blogspot system. I couldn't add or change or remove the gadgets on the side bars at all! All I could do was edit the contents which already pinned there ggrrr..

So I decided to change the whole layout and choose the free layout from Leelou Blog which I can do anything I want later wag tail
Well then... I'll see you again in my next post... fufufu

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amigurumi # 03 : Chiko The Grey Cat

I made this because I need a new key holder for my car key. And since I'm a big fan of cats, I look for the pattern at a book which titled Amigurumi  Cats and Friends by Hoshi Mitsuki. The pictures were taken by Anggayanti :

And here's the special colaboration between Chiko and Dumbo by Mia :

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amigurumi # 02 : Kame kun the Turtle

I worked on this one secretly as a surprise for my friend Cinthia. She loves turtles a lot, and she even keep some turtles at home as her pets. I worked on this turtle while working at the office with her and she never realized it until the moment I gave it to her... XD

Courtesy of Anggayanti and Mia for the pictures ^^

Amigurumi # 01 : Dumbo the Shi Tsu Dog

Actually this is not my 1st try to work on Amigurumi project. I was completely messed up the 1st one which also a dog and decided to make another type of dog because I couldn't face the stress because I failed the 1st dog big time!  o(_ _)o

This one is a Shi Tsu dog. I got the pattern from a book which titled 'Ami Ami Dog 2' By Hoshi Mitsuki. The reason why it named Dunbo is because of its wide ears  XD

My friend Anggayanti who took the pictures and Mia seems eager to play with the pictures, and here are the results :

Thanks, girls! Lovely pictures indeed... ^^

Other Craft Interest

Hi!! It's Yuichi again!

So... after a while... no... after quite sometimes, I finally got my lazy self to start this blog. Beside, my best friend Mia keeps on telling me to start posting over and over again -_____-;;

The reason why I made this blog is because I found other craft interest than paper crafts, and I don't want to mix the post with my papercraft projects. It's not like I will stop to work on paper craft projects. I even already planned my next paper craft project once I've finished all of my other craft projects  ^^

So... about te other craft, I found myself addicted to make Amigurumi. It's a Japanese term for crochet stuffed toys. I have learnt to crochet since I was at around 4th grade at elementary school, and I was only made very simple crochet stuffs back then. And I was also helping mom to make some parts of a dog shaped tissue box cover. But still I had a hard time at first when I start to work on an amigurumi because I didn't know how to read the pattern symbol. But when I finally got a hang on it, I just couldn't stop! I am crocheting like crazy! XD

 I won't post the amigurumi patterns here. But if anyone interested to make one like I made, you can freely ask for the pattern and leave the e-mail address at the comment section. And for the patterns which I got form a website, I will put the link at the post ^^

Oh by the way, I might also post pompom dolls and felt stuffed toys that I made here. I won't make them pretty often so I decide to post them here so I don't need to maintain a lot of journal.

So... Thank you for visiting here and have fun!  (^o^)/